The Shift Knob
The Shift Knob
The Shift Knob
The Shift Knob
The Shift Knob

The Shift Knob

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The BMW shift knob reinvented to satisfy one goal - enhance your driving experience.

  • Industry first attachment design guaranteed never to loosen
  • Textured molded knob for optimal grip in all scenarios
  • Ergonomic height positioning shifter closer to steering wheel
  • Reduction in shift effort from increased lever arm reducing driver fatigue
  • Heat insulating
  • Form follows function aesthetic
  • Durability optimized for rugged race use
  • Fitment designed for OEM BMW shifters (*does not fit KinematicSpeed Race Shifter)

Tested and proven on race cars, street cars, and track day weapons we know you'll love the confidence inspiring driving experience this knob provides.

The industry first attachment method guarantees the most direct connection between you and your gearbox under all circumstances. Never being satisfied with the factory press and snap fit pieces that loosen up or the current aftermarket standard set screws that loosen and slip, we created an entirely new attachment method taking cues from some of the most rugged industrial applications. Utilizing two socket head cap screws that pass through the CNC machined 6061-T6 chassis and thread into the locking collar an enormous clamp load is placed on the shift shaft securing the knob with unparalleled confidence while not leaving a mark on your factory shift shaft, no knicks, burrs, or ugly dimples that typical set screws leave while providing peace of mind that the knob will never budge once installed.

The 140mm height of the knob places the shifter in direct proximity to the steering wheel reducing the time required to remove a hand from the wheel to engage the shifter while reducing shift effort and driver fatigue making the shifting experience fast and effortless.

Ergonomics are further optimized with the conical shape and dimpled texture achieved through the overmolded construction, this texture provides a comfortable touch point with exceptional grip under all circumstances whether you're sporting driving gloves for a track day, sweaty palms on a hot summer day, or that spirited daily commute, and of course no burning your hand after parking in the sun.

All manual sports cars have three primary control touch points, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the shift knob - and we're confident that through rigorous research and development, testing, and the best manufacturing methods, we've created the knob that optimizes one of these three critical touch points. This is the no compromises solution for the competitive performance driver who intends to get the most out of their driving experience.


Technical Specs:

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum chassis and clamping collar
  • 316 Stainless Steel low head locking screws
  • Soft touch textured molded grip
  • 140mm height
  • 45mm diameter
  • Designed for fitment with OEM BMW shifters


*Shift knob does not fit the KinematicSpeed Race Shifter


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